Our Technology

The innovative technology quiver of TRITON is built on two technological advances ...

(1) GaN-on-SiC and SiGe as new baseline material systems for mm-wave electronics: The use of a silicon substrate not only greatly reduces the semiconductor production cost compared to conventional III-V integration platforms; In combination with highly linear mm-wave amplification it enables to break the 100 GHz barrier for transit frequencies while at the same time leading to an improved power-added efficiency of more than 40%. A large compatible die size of 10x10 mm² enables high integration densities.

(2) a large 20x20 mm² silicon interposer that will mechanically and thermally support mm-wave system-on-chip realizations. A number of modifications backed by extensive models will be introduced to the associated processes. Temporary wafer bonding, deep reactive ion etching, cleaning and layer deposition will be refined in order to advance through-silicon via and redistribution layer technology even up to V/E-band operation. The use of a silicon interposer and SOI photonics will pave the way for a photonics-enabled interposer.